The Revenant Review

I’ve been wanting to see the Revenant for awhile now, and finally got the chance to see it last night and it was everything that I had hoped for. Leonardo Dicaprio puts on an amazing performance, the scenery is breathtaking, and overall I would say it was worth the $8 ticket price. (Thankful for student discounts)

One of my friends thinks that Leo took the role in the Revenant primarily so that he could win an Oscar and I might have to agree, because 70% of the movie is Leo out in the wilderness by himself. This is both a positive and a negative. If you’re looking for a movie with an extremely complex plots with lots of twists and turns then the Revenant isn’t for you. However, if you enjoy simpler plots with more of a focus on scenery and character development then this is the movie for you.

The brilliant part about Leo’s acting performance is the fact that he says only a handful of words throughout the entire duration of the movie. Instead, you understand the story through the movements and actions of DiCaprio.

(Spoiler Alert)

The other impressive part of Leo’s acting is the fact that he is seriously injured for most of the film. This means that he struggles moving his body in a normal way and even has to crawl for miles in a few scenes. The injuries are due to him being attacked by a bear, where he does his best to fight it off and then kill it, but is torn up before he manages to hurt the bear. This scene is pretty graphic, but is excellently done with cgi and is done well enoguh that you can almost feel the bear attacking you.

This is another one of my favorite things about the movie. The realistic nature of the scenes, in that you really feel as if you’re stranded in the middle of the forest with the characters of the film. This is done through many wide shots where the character only takes up an extremely small part of the scene and many scenes where you can’t see the character. The scenery is also beautiful with some scenes taking place in luscious green forests, and others taking part in vast snowy mountains.

The only real negatives I saw with the movie were that it was pretty long (2 and a 1/2 hours), and that some of the things that happen to the main character make it seem like he’s invincible (Which I guess is part of the legend/ story that is being told).

Overall I would rate it an 8/10 and would definitely recommend going to see it if you haven’t already!



One thought on “The Revenant Review

  1. Greg Carlson says:

    Hey Alex, I saw it too. Fantastic! I have come to believe that a movie must be at least two hours long to even be considered for an Oscar. For me it was the photography and outdoors. And the more “neutral” portrayal of natives. I’m in to period pieces and all that.


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