Yeezus review and New Years Resolutions

Well, the following will be a quick review of Kanye West’s most recent album, Yeezus. I realize the album came out a few years but I’ve just started listening to lots of Kanye and I think this album a fantastic album and should be my first review of many rap albums (and I will be reviewing Kanye’s older albums as well).

Let me first say that I had to attempt to listen to Yeezus a few times before I sat down and listened to the full album from top to bottom. I think that can be attributed to Kanye’s desire to create something extremely original and out of the ordinary.

Overall, I think this originality is what makes the album so great. Kanye uses sampling throughout the album (In what seems like all the right places, and I’m biased because I love when rappers can sample older music and blend it in with modern tunes) and yet also creates what seems like entirely new sounds with his use of the synthesizer and other live instruments. Needless to say, I think production is a real strong suit of this album, not to take anything away from Kanye’s lyricism but I think production is one of the elements that make this a truly outstanding album.

Kanye’s lyricism is great because of the way he flows his rhymes with beats, and also because he manages to rap on wildly different subject matter (from rapping about “New Slaves” to rapping about getting laid in “I’m in it”). He also manages to string together sentences in quick secession and sentences that you can understand (he manages to straddle the line between rapid fire machine gun like verses where you can barely understand the words, and slow melodic rapping).

Overall I’d give the album a 9/10 and think it is one of Kanye’s best albums to date, and I look forward to seeing what Kanye has in store for his next album. Hope you enjoyed my first album review!

Now, as far as my life goes, I attended a hot yoga class today and it was fantastic. Doing more yoga has been a part of my new years resolution and so far I’ve been to 3 classes in the past 3 weeks (I started my resolutions early) and I already feel much more flexible and in tune with my body. I think that becoming more in tune with my body will help me become more mindful. This is another part of my resolution and means that I’ll be focusing more on how I feel and how my body feels and yoga has definitely helped with thise goals so far. I also think that this mindfullness will help with eating healthy and maintaining healthy attitudes in other aspects of my life. Thanks again for reading if you made it all the way to the end, I originally only intended a short blurb after the album review but everything was flowing.


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